WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android

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WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android : You all must be aware of WhatsApp since it is the most popular communication application. Whenever you want to make free calls and send messages to your loved ones across the globe there is WhatsApp that keeps you sorted. It is the most convenient app that you can have for connecting with people all around the world. There are so many other things about WhatsApp that make it exciting such as the option to send media files to other contacts, make groups, do conference calls, post status stories, and trace location as well. These are some features of a regular WhatsApp account but there is so much more to experience when you download the WhatsApp GB APK.

WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android


 WhatsApp GB APK is the modified version of WhatsApp that comes with more privacy features and some other extra features that will sound so much fun to the users. There are so many new things that people have secretly wished for to be a part of WhatsApp. These extra features ensure more privacy, a better user experience and so much more amusement.


WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android


Do you want to know what’s so special in WhatsApp GB APK that the regular version of WhatsApp does not have? Well, there is a long list of features that you must be going through in order to learn about it. Let’s have a look at all the different details provided in this article about this modified version of WhatsApp.


What is WhatsApp APK?


WhatsApp is the world’s most famous communication messenger that works on your personalized cell phone number with a good internet connection. You can make free calls to people all over the world having WhatsApp installed in their phones, along with sending messages, media files, locations and so much more. It is a proper messenger application to stay in touch with your loved ones or communicate with your colleagues or business partners.


WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android


It serves a number of purposes that is why people love using this application. You can also put your status stories so your friends can view your recent activity or about the latest happenings of you. You can also share images, stickers and videos with your friends and family members. It works for free and it never requires in-app purchases at all. All the features are unlocked ensuring complete safety of the users.


What is WhatsApp GB APK?


WhatsApp GB APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that is much more special and contains a lot of potential. It contains some more features such as hiding the last seen, sending more than just 30 photos, sending the files of larger sizes up to 50 MBs, adding more characters to the text of status story and so much more.


WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android


WhatsApp GB APK is well-known for providing more value that too for free. There are so many features which are not available in the regular WhatsApp but this app offers them for free. You can use this version for business purposes too, how? You need to learn more by reading this article about why WhatsApp GB is so popular and better.


Make free calls


With WhatsApp GB it is clear that you can make free calls because this is what the feature actually says. It is the core feature of this application and you are allowed to make thousands of calls everyday without using your personal credit or anything else. You can make free calls with a good internet connection.


Send messages


It is also free to send messages to other WhatsApp users without any issue. You may use this app to send them messages of any length and unlimited number. There is no restriction or limit to send only a particular number of messages each day, everything is free of cost and unlimited so avail it as you like.


Do conference calls


We know that conference calls are so important from a business perspective. A number of employees and the boss have to come across in communication to share the progress of the company or discuss other future projects. It is not possible to buy the applications that charge you for making the conference calls. That’s why the WhatsApp GB has a brilliant feature where you can do conference calls for free.


WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android


You may add as many people you want in the list and then just start the call. There is no limit of a few minutes into the call but you can carry it on for hours. All you need is a good internet connection to make the calls which are free of cost and that allow a number of participants at the moment. This feature can also be used by anyone be it students, colleagues or team members to talk to each other in a group.


Share more than 30 photos


You can now share more than 30 photos at a time with a contact. In a regular WhatsApp account you can send only 30 photos to a person but with WhatsApp GB you can send unlimited photos in a single time to every contact. Earlier it used to be a problem in sending more photos to a single user, but now it has been sorted.


Send videos of 50 MBs


You can also send videos of more than 50 MBs in size. It was not possible with the old WhatsApp which is why only videos up to 25 MBs could be sent to the other users.


Share location


You can now share your live location with other contacts in WhatsApp GB. You can do it by allowing your own phone’s location and then sharing it from inside WhatsApp using a feature. In this way you may send your location to your loved ones for safety purposes, or you can send your location to someone who’s trying to reach out to you in person. Somebody who’s searching for your address may also avail this feature and get you as soon as possible using the direct location provided through WhatsApp.


Add more characters in story text


You must be adding status stories using different images, videos and even texts. Many people used to complain how the texts are not enough to describe the situation, that’s why WhatsApp GB brought a whole new level of convenience for them. You can now add unlimited characters to your stories and write longer paragraphs.


WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android


With this feature you can add more words and explain your story properly. The number of characters won’t be finished while you try to narrate an incident in your status story. You will have enough space and characters to share your stories with your contacts


Add more group members


  • There was a limit to adding people in a WhatsApp group, it has also been fixed now and you can add more people in your groups.
  • There is a limit to adding up to thousands of members in the groups to keep your circle huge.
  • There are sometimes groups where more people are required and not everybody used to be added in the group because of this limit.
  • It has been put off now so you can add as many people you want in the WhatsApp groups.


Hide last seen


If you are so done with the people stalking you, you can simply hide them from your last seen. They won’t be able to see your last seen once you hide it from them. They would be seeing nothing and in this way you will get away from showing anyone your activity status on WhatsApp.


Hide status story


You can also hide your status story from a certain number of users on WhatsApp. Suppose you have some contacts you do not want to see your status story, just open the options and restrict them from viewing your status stories. Therefore, they won’t be able to see your stories no matter what you put on them.


Hide story view


If you are viewing somebody’s stories and don’t want them to know you have seen them, there is a special feature for this activity too. You can go to your settings and open the settings of hiding the story view. Once you do it, you can view the status story of any person in your contacts. They will never be able to see you have viewed their status story and your purpose will be fulfilled this way.


View once only pictures and videos


There is also a new feature in which you share the videos and photos with your contacts by putting them to be seen only once. It means that once the users have seen it, they won’t be able to open it again to view as the media will be expired up till then. This feature is perfect to use with those people you don’t want to save your stuff. They will be able to view just once and then it will be deleted automatically.


Disappearing messages


You can put a limit to the new messages you receive or send to any contact. This setting is different for every contact and you can set it as per your requirement. In this feature the messages you send to anybody will automatically be deleted after the set time period. In this way you can stay even more secured and safe and nobody will be able to see your messages once they are deleted.


Regular updates


This application gets regular updates from it’s developers so you may enjoy the latest features. New updates come with new features so it is always good to update your app on time. By doing so you will get to enjoy the latest updates, new features and the recent bugs will also be fixed for providing a better user experience.


Anti-ban feature


This application also contains an anti-ban feature so you can keep using this mod version of WhatsApp easily. The mod applications which do not contain anti-ban features often get banned and the users cannot use them anymore. WhatsApp GB does have an anti-ban feature so you may continue using it without having a threat of getting banned by the developers originally.




This application is also free to be downloaded because of it having no need to accept charges. You may see all the premium features are available for free because nobody has to pay for them. WhatsApp GB is exclusively available for free on any website which provides the safe APK file of WhatsApp GB. Just download the app and start enjoying it’s features because it is all free to use.




This version of WhatsApp is considered to be much safer than the regular one. You get more privacy and protection against any sort of viruses and other security threats. Your personal data and communication stays safe and private with this application so you may continue having conversations at a secured level.




  • More secured
  • Provides extra privacy
  • Send more than 30 photos
  • Send videos up to 50 MBs
  • Add more people into WhatsApp group
  • Use for business purposes
  • Add more characters to the status story
  • Free
  • Regular updates
  • Anti-ban



Slows down sometimes




WhatsApp GB sounds promising, and a complete package for you if you are looking for fun, business and time pass. It is the best application to communicate with your loved ones and stay connected with them 24/7. So keep your internet connections strong and let’s move to download Whatsapp GB for the best user experience ever. Just download this application and do not forget to share your loyal response with us in the comment section. We always await the replies of our readers who come to read us regularly.

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How to install WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded WhatsApp GB Apk to Download Latest Version For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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